Janji “Run For Another” Interview With Dustin Martin

On the way to the 2010 NCAA Division III Outdoor Track and Field Championships, Mike and Dave had an idea: what if they could help runners give back not solely through charitable races, but during each and every run? By the time the track meet ended, Janji had been born.

Mike and Dave realized that by producing high performance running apparel with a distinct look, Janji could raise awareness and fund relief for the global food and water crisis—one that kills 1 child every 6 seconds and affects nearly 2 billion people worldwide.

They knew that runners–including themselves–often take for granted the food and water needed to run. Not everyone is so lucky. Now by simply wearing Janji’s running apparel, people can help provide food and water to those in need.

Janji is the Malaysian word for “promise.” Janji’s promise—made by Mike and Dave on that bus ride—is to combat the food and water crisis through the power of running.

Periodically Janji likes to post information about groups/organizations that vibe with their mission. Thanks to Mike for reaching out to Wings program director, Dustin Martin to learn a little more about how we #takeflight. Click HERE for the full interview on the Janji’s site and learn a little more about the good work the company does.

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