Social Distancing Distance Club (Chinle Area)

October 19th through December 11th, 2020

(For Participants in Chinle, AZ Area)

In partnership with Chinle I.H.S. Health Promotions, Wings of America is excited to offer middle-school-aged youth (5th-8th graders) and their siblings an 8-week program to help them stay active during these isolating times. “Social Distancing Distance Club” members will be connected with a “virtual” mentor that has worked for Wings as a summer Running & Fitness Camp facilitator in the past. Through phone and/or video calls, mentors will keep participants informed, motivated and current with their activity logs.  Full activity logs will earn participants prizes like posters, t-shirts, stickers and water bottles. These items will be delivered by mail. Activity “landmarks” are virtual. Students do not need to travel to participate. They can and should run/walk/jog in their own back yards.

Wings of America will also provide video tutorials and “live” sessions via social media to help participants warm-up, cool-down, stretch and recover wisely. Those without access to internet may be provided DVD’s and/or tablets to view pre-recorded versions of this content.

In order to join Social Distancing Distance Club, members need the following:

  1. A safe place to move– Whether it’s a quarter-mile loop or a rambling rez road, participants need a safe route to run/walk near their home on a daily basis. Ideally, family members will look out for one another as they move together and help Distance Club members earn their incentives. When moving on trails that others use, participants must have masks at the ready to put on while passing.
  2. A positive attitude and desire to challenge one’s self.
  3. A reliable phone connection to receive calls from mentors.

Wings must receive participants’ registration forms by 12pm noon on Wednesday, October 14th in order to be assigned a mentor and become eligible to earn prizes. Please submit registration through our ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM. At this time, registration is only being accepted for youth living within the Chinle I.H.S. service unit on the Navajo Nation.

If you are unsure whether or not you live in the Chinle service unit, please click on the map below to take a closer or contact the Wings Director, Dustin Martin, at (505) 977 5057 to ask.

If you do not live in the Chinle area but would like to be part of the program as we expand, please fill out an INTEREST FORM so we may reach out to you when we are ready to expand the Club. 

If at all possible, we are asking participants to submit their registration information electronically. However, a printable registration form and program description can be downloaded below, if need be.

Program Explanation:Registration Print Out

Prizes will be delivered to participants when their activity logs confirm they have reached virtual “landmarks”. Mentors will establish a weekly “check in” time with each participating household. During this call, mentors will motivate participants to set goals, engage with program materials and collect activity log information. Participants must engage in at least 20 minutes of continuous movement (walking and/or running) to get “credit” for a day. If they miss calls with mentors, they will risk not getting credit for their activity.

Activity Standard “Landmark” Prize
5 consecutive days of running/walking White House Distance Club stickers
10 consecutive days of running/walking Spider Rock Distance Club Poster
20 total days of running/walking Tsaile Butte Distance Club H2O bottle
30 total days of running/walking Round Rock Distance Club T-Shirt
45 total days of running/walking Rock Point Distance Club Hoodie

Questions about this program and/or registration can be directed toward executive director, Dustin Martin. He can be reached by email at:  or (505) 977 5057