Announcing the 2015 Wings National Team

After an exciting few weeks of post-season regional competition, Wings has finally selected our elite squad for USA Cross Country Championships. Without a doubt this has been the most-difficult national squad to make in recent memory (both men’s and women’s teams). Though eligible runners posted qualifying times at 6 different regional races around the country, competitors at the NXN southwest regional were definitively faster. These young men and women will train through the holidays and suit up to go toe to toe with other Junior Team USA hopefuls in Boulder, CO:

Junior Women:

(Name, High School, Grade, City; Qualifying Time)

  1. Daangoiina Haven, Ganado HS, 11th, Ganado, AZ; 18:26
  2. Chamique Duboise, Window Rock HS, 10th, Ft. Defiance, AZ: 18:35
  3. Annoesika Laughlin, Navajo Pine HS, 10th, Navajo, NM: 18:58
  4. Esther Beck, Eldorado HS, 9th, Albuquerque, NM: 19:00
  5. Courtney Lewis, Flagstaff HS, 11th, Flagstaff, AZ: 19:04
  6. Nikesha Eagleman, Ganado HS, 11th, Ganado, AZ: 19:10
  7. Sierra Deleware, Rio Rancho HS, 9th, Rio Rancho, NM: 19:19

Junior Men:

(Name, High School, Grade, City; Qualifying Time)

  1. Niles Thomas, Miyamura HS, 11th, Gallup, NM; 15:13
  2. Jordan Lesansee, Albuquerque Academy, 10th, Albuquerque, NM; 15:27
  3. Anthony Masayesva, Central Arizona College, College Frosh, Coolidge, AZ; 15:48
  4. Adriano Joe, Piñon HS, 10th, Piñon, AZ; 15:53
  5. Timberlin Henderson, Western State CU, College Frosh, Gunnison, CO; 16:03
  6. Shawvan Levi, Shiprock HS, 12th, Shiprock, NM; 16:03
  7. Tre’ Riley, Zuni HS, 12th, Zuni Pueblo, NM; 16:07

Qualifying times for all eligible runners can be downloaded HERE

For more information about this years’ regional qualifying races and the selection criteria, please click HERE. Lookout for a special report on our National Team members by Oree Foster in this week’s Navajo Times.


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