Wings of America’s Summer Running and Fitness Camps (R&F) are designed to promote healthy lifestyle choices among American Indian youth, ages 6-18 years old.  Held at schools and community centers in collaboration with local educators, these day camps underline the importance of regular exercise when many are tempted to enjoy their “break”. Encouraged by the fun of group games lead by college-aged Native facilitators, Wings camps offer applied fitness education and a glimpse at the rich history of Native running. Every R&F camp attendee receives a small incentive (t-shirt/tube mask/water bottle) in thanks for their participation.

Sample Agenda (2021)

As successful American Indian student-athletes, Wings Running and Fitness Camp facilitators are trained at the beginning of each summer to provide a fun, safe and culturally appropriate environment for all camp participants. As peer mentors, Wings facilitators are uniquely positioned to convey messages of self-respect, self-betterment and cultural awareness. Seen as friends and role models rather than authority figures, Wings facilitators help camp participants find the inspiration they need to make a commitment to a healthy, active and culturally conscious lifestyle on their own terms.

The largest Running and Fitness Camp initiative has been sustained in collaboration with the Navajo Nation’s “Just Move It” program for over 15 years. Although COVID-19 prevented Wings from hosting camps in 2020, we are back in 2021 with a limited schedule of camps. Please see our schedule of camps open to the public below with the attached link for pre-registration.

**In 2021, all R&F Camp participants will be expected to wear masks and abide by COVID-safe protocols outlined by camp facilitators/partners. If you cannot respect these conditions, please do not register.**

July 7th & 8th: Albuquerque, NM; Lynnwood Park; 8:00am-2:30pm


July 14th & 15th: McGaffey, NM; Wingate Group Campsite; 9:00am-3:00pm

**Families invited to camp the night of the 7/14 with camp fees/dinner provided**

July 21st & 22nd: Flagstaff, AZ; Bushmaster Park; 9:00am-3:00pm


In the last 10 years, Wings has hosted R&F Camps with community partners in South Dakota, Oklahoma, New York, Arizona and New Mexico. We are always open to new partnerships to serve Native youth. If you think your community might benefit from hosting a Wings R&F Camp, please contact our Executive Director, Dustin Martin, ( for more information about the possibility of training facilitators from your community.