To build healthy Native communities using youth running initiatives.

Mission Statement

Inspired by the cultural, spiritual and competitive legacy of Native runners, Wings empowers Native youth and their families.

Mission Objectives:

  1. Strengthen Native youth and their families through running.
  2. Inspire youth to become mentors for the next generation.
  3. Encourage Native student achievement and success.
  4. Reinforce cultural identity and personal values.

Core Values:

-Improve mind/body/spirit

-Honor and respect cultural identity

-Encourage your family and community

-Approach life with purpose and integrity

-Seek new perspectives

-Pursue education

-Become a mentor

Programs Measurement

A Wings survey conducted in 2000, showed a 99% high school graduation rate, with 94% of our participants going on to college. Results of the survey indicated that overall, WOA participants are attaining a higher level of education, have lower incidences of arrests, tend not to abuse alcohol and/or illegal drugs, are waiting until they’re ready to have children, and are more physically active than their same-age peers.