2022 Wings National Team

The 2020 Wings National Team post-race in San Diego, CA. January 18, 2020.

The next USA Cross Country Championships will be held January 8, 2022 in San Deigo, CA. Wings of America is planning to sponsor a team to represent Native America in the Junior division races at this event.

Wings will also sponsor promising Native runners ages 14-19 to attend “Nike Cross Regional” and “Eastbay” (Formerly “Footlocker”) races held in November and December across the U.S.. Wings will use times run at these post-season races to select the 2022 Wings National Team (8 women, 8 men).

In order to be considered for the Wings National Team, runners must:

  1. Be 14 years or older on January 8, 2022 AND cannot turn 20 during 2022 (USATF “Junior” rules).
  2. Complete the 2022 Wings National Team application on the Wings website no later than December 5, 2021. ***Note: This registration does not register you for the Nike Cross or Eastbay regional race. You must communicate further with Wings if you wish to apply for race registration and/or travel assistance.***
  3. Be an enrolled member of a federally or state-recognized Tribe.
  4. Run at least one of the following qualifying races:
  • Any “NXR” (Nike Cross Regional) race held between November 13 and November 30. Registration Information: www.nxn.runnerspace.com (scroll to the bottom of the page for links to your region)
  • Any “Eastbay” (Formerly “Footlocker”) regional race held between November 27 and December 4. Registration Information: http://www.footlockercc.com
  • ***Age-eligible college runners may submit late-season 6K (women) and 8K (men) race times on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Wings for more information.***

Wings National Team Application Link HERE

Final selections for the Wings National Team will be made by December 6, 2021. Upon notification, selected student-athletes must be prepared to begin a 5-week training plan and maintain regular contact with a Wings coach in preparation for the USA Cross Country Championships.

1991 Wings National Team Members pose with Wings founder, Will Channing, at Franklin Park in Boston, MA

Wings created this opportunity to showcase the talents of American Indian youth and provide them with exposure to higher levels of competition in the company of runners from other Tribes. Many program alumni have earned the attention of college coaches and/or a spot on a junior national team competing for “Team USA” internationally. Wings National Teams have captured 33 national titles since their debut in 1988.

Questions? Contact Dustin Martin, Executive Director

Ph: (505) 977-5057 E-Mail: dustin@wingsofamerica.org

Qualifying Race Registration & Travel Assistance:

Want to try out for the Wings National Team, but worried about the cost of attending a regional qualifying race?

Wings will assist American Indian student-athletes wishing to qualify for the Wings National Team under the following terms:

Race Registration Assistance:

In order for Wings to cover NXR or Footlocker Regional race registration fees, student-athletes must:

  1. Have finished at least one official team race during the regular 2021 high school cross country season at (or below) the qualifying standards:
    • Men’s Qualifying Time___________________(5K)- 17:25
    • Women’s Qualifying Time ________________ (5K)- 21:15
    • **Contact Wings for qualifying time in states where women run other distances than 5K**
  2. Complete the free 2022 Wings National Team application on the Wings website at least seven (7) days before the qualifying race they wish to run. ***Note: This registration does not register you for the Nike Cross or Footlocker regional race. You must communicate further with Wings if you wish to apply for race registration and/or travel assistance.***
  3. Be able to provide proof of enrollment in a state or federally recognized Indian Tribe.
  4. Provide a copy of their class schedule and a “grade check” showing they are in academic good standing (C-Average or better) the week before the race they plan to run.

Lodging Assistance:

In addition to assisting with race registration fees, Wings will cover the cost of a hotel room the night before the student-athlete’s regional race (if the race is at least a two-hour drive from where they live). Funding for these rooms is limited and will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis.

In order for Wings to cover a night of lodging before a qualifying race, student-athletes must:

  1. Meet the qualifying criteria listed above for race registration assistance.
  2. Submit a form signed by their parent/guardian agreeing to reimburse Wings for the cost of the room if they are “no-shows”. (No charges if Wings is notified in time to cancel the room reservation without a penalty)

Travel In The “Wings Van”:

It is possible that Wings will transport 15-20 vaccinated runners between Albuqueruqe, NM and Phoenix, AZ for the NXR SW race. These spots will be reserved for runners with no other options for transportation. If you would like to put your name on the list for this group, please contact Dustin Martin, Wings Executive Director, at (505) 977 5057 or dustin@wingsofamerica.org as soon as possible.