A Poem on behalf of the Boston Marathon victims – provided by a friend of the Santa Fe Striders

By Marianne King (east coast)

A deafening silence filled the air the day the runners ran,

But the most important race of all was doing all you can, In a flash of fire they went to those whose lives this day did change, By a senseless act of cowardice in a person quite deranged.

On a day when Boston patriots celebrated life, No one ever gave a thought would end in dreadful strife, Heroes all of them never thinking of the fear, Americans with courage, this day was crystal clear,

Once again our peaceful lives shattered like broken glass, And once again we showed the strength this mighty country has, For we will never cower small to those who try so hard, To bend and break our will so strong for the liberty we guard.

For there will always be the ones who hide among the proud, The ones whose acts of violence are hidden in a crowd, And deep within these faceless fakes an empty life they live, As we rise above, in selfless love, with so much more to give.

From Maine to California, from sea to shining sea, Hearts are joined together in prayerful harmony, For families reunited, for families wrought with grief, We come together all as one united in belief.


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