Zuni/Navajo Route

The Zuni/Navajo route will begin on Monday, March 12 at two separate points. Pine Hill will begin at 8:00am at the Junction of NM-53 and Indian Service Route 125. Zuni will begin at 10:00am from their Tribal offices. The organizers request that those wishing to run arrive at least half an hour early on each day so that runners and support vehicles can be counted and used effectively throughout the day. Please see the table below for start/end points throughout the week as well as detailed maps for each route day. On Friday, March, 16, the merged routes will run from White Rock, UT to the gathering site in Allen Canyon on Ute Mountain Ute trust land. Please see the page for the Ute/Merge Route for details on the run to the gathering site.

Please contact the route coordinator with questions:

Dustin Martin: (505) 977 5057

Day Start Time/Place End Point
Monday, 3.12 8:00am

Pine Hill, Jct. of NM-53 & Indian Service Rte. 125


Zuni Tribal Offices, 1203 NM-53, Zuni, NM 87327


Lupton Chapter

Just north off I-40 exit 357 on Indian Rte. 12

*Showers/bathrooms and a floor to sleep on graciously provided by the Chapter for those that wish to take advantage.

Tuesday, 3.13 7:30am

Lupton Chapter

Just north off I-40 exit 357 on Indian Rte. 12

Chinle Community Center (between the Wildcat Den and Mesa View Elementary School)

191 US-191, Chinle, AZ 8650

*A floor to sleep on and bathrooms graciously provided by Chinle Unified School District #24.

Wednesday, 3.14 7:30am

Chinle Community Center

Red Mesa, AZ  (campsite provided in White Rock, UT approx. 30 miles away)
Thursday, 3.15 10:30am

Red Mesa, AZ

Red Mesa Chapter House

Campsite once again provided in White Rock, UT