Wings of America’s Running and Fitness Camps (R&F) are designed to promote healthy lifestyle choices among American Indian youth, ages 6-18 years old.  Held at schools and community centers, these FREE day camps have become highly anticipated  events on summer youth-development schedules across Indian Country. Centered on running and Native-tailored field and ball games, Wings camps are designed to offer applied fitness and nutrition education. With the knowledge absorbed at a R&F camp, participants return home ready  to help their communities combat childhood obesity and diabetes. Every R&F camp attendee receives a small incentive (t-shirt/gym sack/water bottle) in thanks for their participation.

Sample Agenda 2-day R&F

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As successful college and high-school aged American Indian student-athletes, Wings Running and Fitness Camp facilitators are trained at the beginning of each summer to provide a fun, safe, educational, substance-free and culturally appropriate environment for all camp participants. As peer mentors, Wings facilitators are uniquely positioned to convey these messages of self-respect, self- betterment and cultural awareness. Seen as friends and role models rather than authority figures, Wings facilitators help camp participants find the inspiration they need to make a commitment to a healthy, active and culturally conscious lifestyle on their own terms.

The largest Running and Fitness Camp initiative has been sustained in collaboration with the Navajo Nation’s “Just Move It” program for over 15 years. Approximately 15 R&F Camps are held across Dinétah each summer. In 2012, Wings was proud to expand our R&F service area to Oklahoma. Thanks to the generosity of the Nike N7 Foundation and our local partners, this growth has continued into 2014. Wings facilitators will coordinate more than 30 two-day camps in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, New York and South Dakota.

If you think your community might benefit from hosting a Wings R&F Camp, please contact our Program Director, Dustin Martin, ( for more information about training facilitators and camp funding.